MBM, acronym for 'Miracles, Beliefs, Mysteries', founded by Marcos Alvarado in 2016, is a mystic visionary brand fusing all possible ideas together in one. Alvarado attempts to execute messages, visions, stories & feelings as best to his ability, all through artwork & clothing, staying inspired by the powerful force of the Universe & its laws.
Designed from an artistic standpoint, MBM is both a reflection of modern spirituality & personal stories as Alvarado pours all his experiences on paper. The transition of an art piece to a garment was second nature to Alvarado as his interest in fashion & new creations grew throughout high school.
Born & partially raised in Puerto Rico, Alvarado had began his art career long before even beginning his first year of school. Alvarado's parents remember him being three years old, starring at cartoons that were on the TV, studying their features & making sure he replicates all details that were seen on those characters onto the paper.
Alvarado admits that the island of Puerto Rico had a huge impact on his interest in arts. He describes the island as a large museum, one where you can walk around for years & discover new artwork every day. Murals & graffiti covered each & every wall around the island. Alvarado found himself intrigued by the lettering & color schemes these murals contained, & just like the cartoons he studied as an infant, he began studying & exploring graffiti.
Throughout his elementary & middle school years, Alvarado dedicated his free time to creating artwork that were directly influenced on the culture of graffiti.